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Behind the scenes with Chris Robertson on his rise to beer mile American record holder and world champion
Coming off a 2nd place finish at the 2019 Beer Mile World Classic in Berlin with a 4:47 beer mile on a cinder track, Chris Robertson was interviewed by Fleet Feet Chicago to get the inside scoop on how he has mastered the beer mile.

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Beer Mile World Classic results and race videos

Corey Bellemore still the GOAT — Allison Grace Morgan takes the women's crown — Team USA Men 3-peat and USA Women take team title

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The ridiculous progression of the beer mile world record

In 2014, the 5-minute barrier was broken for the first time. Now, there are 11 men who have run sub-5 and the world record stands at 4:33, set in October 2017. Will we see this mark taken down in 2019?

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Who will take home the individual and team beer mile world titles?

The Beer Mile World Classic is just one month away (August 3 in Berlin, Germany), so it's time to discuss who the contenders—and pretenders—are for this year's beer mile world championship.

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Get the inside scoop from beer mile world record holder Corey Bellemore and American record holder Chris Robertson on recent podcasts. 

Whether you are looking for insights on beer mile training or just want to hear some entertaining banter, you'll enjoy the following two podcasts with beer mile record holders. 

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The Beer Mile World Classic is the annual showdown that brings out the best beer milers around the world to determine which individuals and countries will go down in history as the superior beer-guzzling, track-running alphas.

The Beer Mile World Classic has consistently brought out the top beer mile talent internationally, including world record setting performances. This year will be no different, with the majority of the fastest beer milers in history expected to be in attendance.

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Pre-Order available for Lewis Kent's A World Champion's Guide to Running the Beer Mile book

Canadian beer miler Lewis Kent recently announced a new book that details his rise to beer mile stardom, including multiple beer mile world titles, beer mile world records, and appearances on ESPN, Buzzfeed, Ellen, and dozens of other major outlets.

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How the beer mile has evolved into one of the most viral, underground sports in the world

On August 11, 2018 at 2:00 PM, the top beer milers from around the world were assembling at an undisclosed high school track just outside of Vancouver, B.C. for the 4th annual Beer Mile World Classic. Nine of the top ten beer milers of all time were in attendance to compete for the world title and attempt to shave a few seconds off their respective national records.

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Learn how to train for the beer mile

Here at TheBeerMile.Org, we want to provide insight and transparency into the world of the beer mile, which is why we asked if we could publish this post from American Record Holder Chris Robertson's blog from early 2018. He reveals all about the common question 'How does one train for the beer mile?'

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