Beer Mile Videos

A collection of the best beer mile videos of all time 

World records, championship races, and beer mile tributes

The emergence of the beer mile from an underground sport to a mainstream phenomenon has brought a lot of footage and content along with it. If you're like us, you probably find beer mile races wildly entertaining. The beer mile perfectly blends traditional and digestive athleticism. Runners and average joes alike can appreciate the grit required to be an athlete of endurance and digestion prowess simultaneously.

We've compiled a short list of some of the best beer mile videos to date for your viewing pleasure. 

Best of the beer mile playlist

This playlist is continuously updated the latest and greatest beer mile footage

Current beer mile world record (4:33) by Corey Bellemore

Watch Corey Bellemore break his own beer mile world record in San Francisco in October 2017 during halftime of a professional soccer match.

2019 Beer Mile World Classic in Berlin

Canadian Corey Bellemore wins in 4:36 on a clay track. American Chris Robertson is 2nd in 4:47. Team USA men get the 3-peat.

2018 Beer Mile World Classic in Vancouver

Watch Canadian Corey Bellemore run a 4:24 beer mile (later DQed for too much foam leftover). Dale King Clutterbuck (England) later crowned champion.

Beast of the beer mile feature

A feature on Corey Bellemore put together by TSN.

2017 Beer Mile World Classic in London

Watch Chris Robertson (USA) and Dale King Clutterbuck (England) duke it out for the 2017 world title. 

2017 Beer Mile World Classic Video

2016 Flotrack Beer Mile World Championship

Corey Bellemore (Canada) takes the crown in Austin, Texas at the 2016 Flotrack Beer Mile World Championship.

2015 Flotrack Beer Mile World Championship

Lewis Kent takes down fellow Canadian Corey Gallagher and runs a 4:47 beer mile.

2015 Beer Mile World Classic in San Francisco

Watch the inaugural Beer Mile World Classic in San Francisco, USA.

First ever sub-5 beer mile

Watch James 'The Beast' Nielsen (USA) become the first person ever to break 5 minutes in the beer mile in 2014.

2019 Beer Mile in Brisbane, Australia

A tribute to what the beer mile is all about.