England Beer Mile Team

England Beer Mile Team

Meet the England Beer Mile Team

The England women's beer mile team has been a dominant force in the beer mile since inception. The women's team won 3 world titles in a row (2016, 2017, 2018) and has crowned 2 individual world champions (Bryony Pearce, 2017 and 2018). Polly Keen holds the European beer mile record in 6:51.

The men's team has not won any world titles yet, but has been competitive near the top of the world each year. Individually, Dale Clutterbuck has won a world title (2018) and holds the European beer mile record in 4:47. 

England Beer Mile Team Stats

Current men's national record Dale King Clutterbuck — 4:47 (2017)
Current women's national record Polly Keen — 6:51 (2019)
Men's team world titles N/A
Women's team world titles 2016, 2017, 2018
Men's individual champions Dale King Clutterbuck, 2018


Women's individual champions

Bryony Pearce, 2018

Bryony Pearce, 2017

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England Men's Beer Mile Team

Dale Clutterbuck (England) - Beer Mile European Record Holder (#3 World All-Time)

Beer Mile PB — 4:47

Dale "King" Clutterbuck currently sits at #3 on the all-time world list and has the European record with a time of 4:47. He also holds impressive times on the track sans beer with a 3:38 1500m personal best. He won the 2018 Beer Mile World Classic title in Vancouver, BC. In 2017, he broke the Chunder Mile World Record with a time of 4:57.

Dale King Clutterbuck England Beer Mile

Andy Norman (England)

Beer Mile PB — 5:19

Andy Norman, a.k.a Stormin Norman, has captained the England Beer Mile Team since the event came to prominence in the UK after the Beer Mile World Classic 2016. He also holds world-class personal bests of 5:21 for the Chunder Mile and 5:21 for the Gravy Mile.

Andy turns 40 in August 2020 and is keen on going after Canadian Jim Finlayson's masters (over 40) beer mile world record. Andy holds personal bests of 3:51 for 1500m, 14:06 for 5km, and 29:36 for 10km sans beer.

Andy Norman England Beer Mile

John Tayleur (England)

Beer Mile PB — 5:24

John Tayleur is one of the top chuggers in the world and has a bottomless stomach. He can drink 6 pints (20 oz each) of beer in under a minute and has completed a beer half marathon (13 beers, 13.1 miles) in 1:31:43. 

John is also one of the favorites to make a run at the beer two-mile world record (8 beers, 8 laps). He currently holds the world's 2nd fastest time.

John Tayleur Beer Mile

England Men Beer Mile World Champions

Individual Champions

 Year Winner Country Video Link
2018 Dale Clutterbuck England Link


Team Champions

 Year Team Members Race Location

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England Women's Beer Mile Team

England Women's Beer Mile Team

Polly Keen (England) - European Beer Mile Record Holder

Beer Mile PB — 6:51

Polly Keen has multiple world podium finishes to her name, including a 3rd place finish in 2016 and runner-up in 2019. She set the European Beer Mile Record of 6:51 in her 2nd place finish at the Beer Mile World Classic 2019 in Berlin.

Off the track, Polly is an inventor on 6 patents and holds a PhD in chemical engineering. She is on the far right in both the picture above and the picture below.

Polly Keen, Andy Norman, and John Tayleur England Beer Mile

Laura Riches (England)

Beer Mile PB — 7:13

Laura Riches has been competitive on the world stage since her debut in 2016, including a 4th place finish in 2016 and a runner-up finish in 2017 (even after running a penalty lap). She has been a part of two of England's beer mile world champion women's teams.

Laura Riches England Beer Mile

Bryony Pearce (England)

Beer Mile PB — 7:32

Consistency is key. Bryony Pearce won back-to-back Beer Mile World Classic titles in 2017 and 2018. Both years, she was not the first woman across the finish line but those in front of her failed to finish their beers.She always finishes her beers and has ended up with two world titles as a result.

Bryony Pearce England Beer Mile

England Women's Beer Mile World Champions

Beer Mile World Classic

Individual Champions

 Year Winner Country
2018 Bryony Pearce England
2017 Bryony Pearce England


Team Champions

 Year Team Members Race Location
2018 Bryony Pearce, Laura Riches Vancouver, BC Canada
2017 Bryony Pearce, Laura Riches, Luise Rudd, Polly Keen London, UK
2016 Polly Keen, Laura Riches, Kirsty Read London, UK

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