USA Beer Mile Team

USA Beer Mile Team

Meet the USA Beer Mile Team

The USA has been a dominant force in the beer mile since inception. The women's team has won 4 of the past 7 world titles (2015, 2019, 2020, 2021) and has crowned 6 individual world champions. 

On the men's side, the USA and Canadian teams duked it out in close battles repetitively in the sports first few years of international competition. But the USA men have won the past 5 team world titles (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021) and Chris Robertson has won the individual crown twice (2017, 2020). 

USA Beer Mile Team Stats

Current men's national record Chris Robertson — 4:37 (2020)
Current women's national record Allison Grace Morgan — 6:16 WR (2020)
Men's team world titles

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Women's team world titles 2015, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Men's individual champions
Chris Robertson, 2020
Chris Robertson, 2017
Women's individual champions
Melanie Pozdol, 2022
Allison Grace Morgan, 2021
Allison Grace Morgan, 2020
Allison Grace Morgan, 2019
Erin O'Mara, 2016
Caitlin Judd Batten, 2015
Elizabeth Herndon, 2014


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USA Men's Beer Mile Team

Team USA Wins Beer Mile World Title 2017

Photo above: Team USA men after winning their first beer mile world title at the Beer Mile World Classic in London in 2017. From left to right: Chris Robertson, Michael Johnson, Brandon Shirck, Garrett Cullen

Chris Robertson (USA) - Beer Mile American Record Holder (#2 World All-Time); Beer 2-Mile World Record Holder

Beer Mile PB (American Record) — 4:37

Beer 2-Mile PB (World Record) — 10:18

Chris Robertson currently stands at #2 in the world with a 4:37 beer mile and is the American record holder. He won the 2017 Beer Mile World Classic, was runner-up at the 2019 Beer Mile World Classic in Berlin, and won the individual world title again in the virtual 2020 Beer Mile World Classic. He also set the Beer 2-Mile World Record in September 2020 by over a minute with a time of 10:18.

Chris Robertson USA Beer Mile Record Holder

Photo courtesy of Ryan Gooding

Brandon Shirck (USA) - Former Beer Mile World Record and American Record Holder

Beer Mile PB — 4:47

Brandon Shirck set a beer mile world record when he ran 4:47 in July 2016, but his record was taken down by Canadian Corey Bellemore shortly after. Shirck has consistently been a scoring member for Team USA and has multiple podium finishes on the world stage.

Brandon Shirck Beer Mile Team USA

Garrett Cullen (USA) - Former American Record Holder

Beer Mile PB — 4:54

Garrett Cullen is the definition of consistent when it comes to the beer mile. He is a former American record holder with a 4:54 personal best and has scored for Team USA every year on the world stage.

Garrett Cullen Beer Mile Team USA

James Nielsen (USA) - First Sub-5 Beer Mile

Beer Mile PB — 4:57

American James "The Beast" Nielsen was the first ever person to break the 5-minute barrier for the beer mile when he ran a 4:57 in 2014. Though he never topped the leaderboard at any beer mile world championship event, his sub-5 beer mile inspired the next generation and brought down the mythical 5-minute barrier for everyone else, much like Bannister's breaking of the 4-minute mile barrier.

James Nielsen first sub-5 beer mile

Photo courtesy of Represent Running

USA Men Beer Mile World Champions

Individual Champions

 Year Winner Country Video Link
2020 Chris Robertson USA Link
2017 Chris Robertson USA Link


Team Champions

 Year Team Members Race Location
2021 Chris Robertson, Evan Williams, Garrett Cullen, Drew Mueller, Will Rial Manchester, UK
2020 Chris Robertson, Andrew Benkovsky, Bud Lightning Virtual
Chris Robertson, Garrett Cullen, Brandon Shirck, Reed Lyon
Berlin, Germany
Chris Robertson, Garrett Cullen, Brandon Shirck, Jonathan Charlesworth, Reed Lyon
Vancouver, BC Canada
Chris Robertson, Garrett Cullen, Brandon Shirck, Michael Johnson
London, UK

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USA Women's Beer Mile Team

USA Women Win Beer Mile World Title 2015


Allison Grace Morgan (USA) - Beer Mile World Record Holder and Reigning Beer Mile World Champion

Beer Mile PB (World Record) — 6:16

Allison Grace Morgan is the women's beer mile world record holder in 6:16 and won the beer mile world title in both 2019 and 2020. She has dominated the women's beer mile globally the past few years with no sign of slowing down. 

Photo courtesy of Chris Robertson

Erin O'Mara (USA) - Beer Mile World Record Holder (Unofficial)

Beer Mile PB — 6:08*

Erin O'Mara (pictured right below) has the unofficial world record for the beer mile in 6:08. The record is unofficial because it was not run on a track (the Flotrack Beer Mile World Championships were not held on a standard running track). She has multiple world titles to her name. 

Erin O'Mara after winning beer mile world classic

Photo courtesy of Beer Mile World Classic

Elizabeth Herndon (USA)

Beer Mile PB — 6:17

Elizabeth Herndon won the first ever Flotrack Beer Mile World Championship in world record fashion with a time of 6:17. She has not raced at recent championship events.

Elizabeth Herndon wins Flotrack beer mile

Photo courtesy of Flotrack

Chris Kimbrough (USA) - Former World Record Holder, Master's Record Holder

Beer Mile PB — 6:28

American Chris Kimbrough is a former beer mile world record holder with a time of 6:28, which she ran as a 45 year old. She was consistently among the top finishers at the Flotrack Beer Mile World Championship events.

Chris Kimbrough Beer Mile

Photo courtesy of Statesman

Andrea Fisher (USA) - Beer Mile Master's World Record Holder

Beer Mile PB — 6:26

American Andrea Fisher is the master's world record holder for the beer mile with a time of 6:26. She was consistently among the top competitors at the Flotrack Beer Mile World Championship races. Outside of the beer mile, Andrea competed as a professional triathlete for 16 years, completing her first Ironman at the age of 24 and placing high in the ranks at several world championship triathlon events.

Andrea Fisher Beer Mile Master's World Record Holder

Photo courtesy of Flotrack

Caitlin (Judd) Batten (USA)

Beer Mile PB — 6:28

Caitlin Batten (formerly Judd) has been consistently at the top of the beer mile ranks throughout the world championship races the past few years. She has multiple beer mile world titles to her name and holds a personal best of 6:28. 

Caitlin Judd Batten wins Flotrack Beer Mile

Photo courtesy of Flotrack

USA Women's Beer Mile World Champions

Beer Mile World Classic

Individual Champions

 Year Winner Country
2022 Melanie Pozdol USA
2021 Allison Grace Morgan USA
Allison Grace Morgan
2019 Allison Grace Morgan USA
2016 Erin O'Mara USA
2015 Caitlin Judd Batten USA


Team Champions

 Year Team Members Race Location
2022 Melanie Pozdol, Kassandra Marin, Elizabeth Laseter, Allison Grace Morgan, Corinne Fitzgerald
2021 Allison Grace Morgan, Kassandra Marin, Kristyn Kadala, Corinne Fitzgerald Manchester, UK
2020 Allison Grace Morgan, Elizabeth Laseter Virtual
2019 Allison Grace Morgan, Kristyn Kadala, Courtney Willock Berlin, Germany
2015 Caitlin Batten, Chris Kimbrough, Lyndsay Harper, Nicole Campbell San Francisco, USA


Flotrack Beer Mile World Championship

Individual Champions

 Year Winner Country
2017 Race Discontinued N/A
2016 Caitlin Judd Batten USA
2015 Erin O'Mara USA
2014 Elizabeth Herndon USA


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