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Beer 2-Mile World Record Shattered by Chris Robertson in 10:18

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Beer 2-Mile World Record Shattered by Chris Robertson in 10:18

Chris Robertson (USA) shattered the once-thought-untouchable Beer 2-Mile World Record of 11:39 previously held by Jim Finlayson of Canada. Robertson completed the Beer 2-Mile in 10:18 to break the world record by well over a minute.

This was an encore for the people after his 2020 Beer Mile World Classic title and cemented his chuggernaut status. He will be attempting to break the Beer Mile World Record of 4:33 in a couple of weeks.

The Beer 2-Mile is the ultimate test of liver, stomach, and athletic ability for those who don't find the beer mile challenging enough. Instead of the 4 beers, 4 laps of the traditional beer mile, the beer 2-mile consists of 8 beers, 8 laps around a standard 400m track (plus the extra 18 meters to make it a full two miles). A chunder at any point during the race results in a penalty lap added on to the end. 

Robertson had a perfect even-split, going through the first beer mile in 5:09 and closing out beer mile number two in 5:09 as well. He held all 8 beers in until shortly after the finish. You can watch him unleash the foamy goodness at the end of the video below.

Watch the Beer 2-Mile World Record

Beer 2-Mile World Record Splits

Beer Mile #1 split - 5:09

Beer Mile #2 split - 5:09

# Beer Split Lap Split
1 5 1:12
6 1:11
3 6 1:10
4 8 1:11
5 6 1:10
6 7 1:11
7 7 1:10
8 8 1:10


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8 beers. 8 laps. Dunno whether to be proud or disgusted by this one. But a world record is a world record. Link to video in bio. Having this record is a big relief because it means I will never have to do another one! This beer 2-mile was intended to be just a beer mile as a training session for the beer mile world record attempt coming soon. But when I made it through the beer mile in 5:09 unscathed, it was game on. I pointed to my wife to have the 5th beer put up and the rest was a blur (not from booze, from that perfect racing flow state). Even split this bad boy with back to back 5:09 beer miles and finished like I could have run way faster, but had to hold back enough to keep the stomach and breathing calm to avoid the chunder. #beermile #beer2mile #worldrecord #thebeermile #beertwomile #beermile2020 #chunder #beer #chug #runnersofinstagram #runnersofinsta #trackislife

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