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TheBeerMile.Org is the beer mile hub, dedicated to providing the latest beer mile news, swag, and events. Our mission is to promote the sport of the beer mile so that more people have the opportunity to partake in an event that has entertained and united many running clubs, teams, and communities across the globe.


The beer mile is all about having fun and competing for bragging rights. Running and drinking enthusiasts alike come together in this underground event to test their fitness and stomach capacity in a race to consume four beers and run four laps around a track faster than competitors. Some do it for the lulz. For others, it is their marquee event.

The once siloed, sub-culture of this extreme sport has begun its leap into the mainstream the past few years with sanctioned, world championship events. We are here to push the progression of the beer mile into the TV of every home and make it the next big water cooler topic at all workplaces near you.

Want to connect? Have ideas for this site? Have an upcoming event you want us to help you promote? Contact us and we will get back to you right away!

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