Beer Mile Podcast

Beer Mile Podcast

The Beer Mile Podcast is co-hosted by Chuggernauts Chris Robertson and Adam Shurson. Chris is a Beer Mile World Champion and Record Holder and Adam is the engineer extraordinaire behind the upcoming website refresh.

It's like Flotrack, LetsRun, or CitiusMag but with more beer and tomfoolery. The running world could use a little more spice and flare. Chris and Adam are willing to bring it to you. 

In the vast world of extreme sports, there exists a sub-culture called "digestive athletics." The most famous, glorified, respected and celebrated of all the events of this underworld is the Beer Mile.

Corey Bellemore on Running a 4:30 Beer Mile in One Shoe & How Fast He Thinks He Can Go

Corey Bellemore joins the Beer Mile Podcast to recap his 4:30 beer mile with one shoe from the 2023 Beer Mile World Classic and shares how fast he thinks he can go in the beer mile. The boys also chat about Corey's training, growing the sport, the 2024 World Classic, whether Corey could take down the Beer 2-Mile world record, and more.

Ken Rideout Wins Gobi March 155-Mile Race, Runs 2:29 Marathon at Age 51, and Crushes Debut Beer Mile

Ken Rideout's mindset is unparalleled and has enabled him to become one of the fastest age 50+ runners in the world. We dig into his recent win in his debut ultra at the Gobi March 155-mile race in Mongolia, as well as him completing all of the marathon majors in a year and clocking a 2:29 marathon at age 51 in the process.

We also get Ken's reaction to his debut beer mile at the 2023 Beer Mile World Classic. Spoiler: Ken wants a shot to race a beer mile against the pros and will be back next year. Other topics include overcoming addiction, Ken's running progression, his mentality, ways to make the sport of track and field more exciting, and words of wisdom.

Developing a Beer Mile Beer with Two Brothers Brewing

This one's for all the beer lovers and beer milers. We go on-site at Two Brothers Brewing to taste test beers and find the perfect beer mile beer. We dig into what makes an ideal beer mile beer, carbonation levels, ideal temps, and other nerdy beer stuff. We also learn about the history of Two Brothers Brewing, evolution of their beers, and their coffee business.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 114 - Natosha Rogers and Fiona O'Keeffe — Training in Kenya, Joining Puma Elite, and Marathon Debut?

Natosha Rogers and Fiona O'Keeffe share details about their training camp in Kenya, why they joined Puma elite, Natosha's move from Colorado to North Carolina, Alistair Cragg's training philosophy, culture of the team, just missing the 30:40 10km A standard with their 30:48 and 30:55 10k times at The TEN, when to expect the marathon debuts, why they dislike Strava, and a whole lot more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 113 - Pro Marathoner Ashlee Powers Makes It Big on OnlyFans and Runs a CBD Company

Ashlee Powers is no stranger to hard work. She is an entrepreneur, OnlyFans adult content creator, and coach all while running 100-mile weeks training for the marathon. On this episode we unpack her action-filled life and go behind the scenes of her CBD company, how she got into creating adult content for OnlyFans, her running goals, and some other ventures/aspirations she is thinking about in the future.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 108 - Eric Jenkins is BACK baby

ERIC MFING JENKINS is back in the saddle, two years after our Backyard Beers episode with Craig Engels and Eric Jenkins. We catch up with Eric on his training, racing plans for 2023, his transition into being a skit man on Insta, and try to persuade him to race at the 2023 Beer Mile World Championship in Chicago on July 1. Eric's beer mile debut incoming!

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 104 - Brady Grant: Smoke 'em if you got 'em — Lighting up a cigar after Alabama wins the SEC Cross Country Championships 2022

Brady Grant gives the backstory on lighting up a stogie after the Alabama men won the SEC Cross Country team title. We also discuss how sh*t talk and celebrating victories makes the sport of running more exciting, Alabama's team goals for nationals, Brady's transfer from Texas A&M to Alabama, how dedicated to training distance runners are, post-collegiate running plans, and more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 101 - Laura Thweatt on Patience and Long-Term Mindset After Targeting 2:23 at Chicago Marathon 20222022

Laura Thweatt is a 2:25 marathoner for Saucony, US national champ in cross country, and just missed making the last two Olympic teams — 5th at the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials and also 5th at the 2016 US Olympic Trials in the 10,000m. Today, we recap Laura's buildup to the Chicago Marathon and how the race itself played out. We also dive into what's next for Laura, talk about her upbringing in the sport, how she kept running after college and eventually signed her first pro deal 3 years later, and of course we get to know Laura on a more personal level.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 100 - Pat Tiernan ready to take down Australian Marathon Debut Record of 2:11:00 at Chicago Marathon 2022

Pat Tiernan is a two-time Olympian on the track (5k and 10k) for Australia, making his marathon debut at the 2022 Chicago Marathon. The Australian marathon debut record of 2:11:00 is in jeopardy. We discuss Pat's training, mindset, and goals for the race. We also keep it light-hearted and talk about his wedding, honeymoon, post-season plans, and challenge him with a bit of Chicago Marathon trivia.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 99 - Conner Mantz Calls His Shot — Goal is 2:07 OR FASTER at Chicago Marathon 2022

Conner Mantz is gunning for the fastest American debut marathon ever in Chicago. The time to beat is 2:07:56 and Conner thinks he has potential to run even quicker on a good day. Conner shares his goals and training for the Chicago Marathon. We also chat about Conner's wedding and test him with some Chicago Marathon trivia.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 98 - Matt McDonald: 2:10 Marathon Man and MIT Post-Doc Ready for Sub 2:10 at Chicago Marathon 2022

Matt McDonald may very well be the smartest pro runner out there. He is both a 2:10 marathoner and working on a Postdoc at MIT in chemical engineering. Unlike most pro athletes that dedicate their entire day to training and recovery, Matt is working away in the lab and balancing big mileage with heavy research. He will be one to watch at Chicago, racing for the top American spot. Matt was 10th at the 2020 US Olympic Trials in the marathon and ran 2:10 at the 2022 Boston Marathon. He is based in Boston and trains with the BAA.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 97 - Frank Lara Expecting a Big PB and Racing for Top American at Chicago Marathon 2022

Frank shares his goals for the Chicago Marathon 2022 and we dive into his training leading up to the race, how he approaches marathon racing strategy, and we test his knowledge with some trivia.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 96 - Olympian Julie-Anne Staehli — Joining Team New Balance Boston To Go ALL-IN on Professional Running

Julie-Anne moved to Boston from Canada to go all-in on professional running with Team New Balance Boston this past year. She holds a 14:57 5000m personal best and competed at the Tokyo Olympics, representing Canada. She reflects on her move to the US and discusses what it likes to train with the powerhouse NB women's group, which includes Elle Purrier St. Pierre, Heather MacLean, Millie Paladino, Sarah McDonald, Katrina Coogan, and Síofra Cléirigh Büttner.

Julie-Anne is coming off a stress reaction in her tibia, which she got at the most inopportune time before World Champs this year. We talk about her return to training a bunch of other topics, including halloween costumes, living a minimalist lifestyle, her taste in guys, Jack Harlow, the NB Boston facility, US vs Canada culture differences, cooking, piano, and more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 95 - Erik Sowinski on the Business of Pacing in Track & Field

We're joined by track and field legend, Erik Sowinski. Erik is a 3-time US champion, has run under 1:47 over 100 times, and is the man to thank for many athletes' records and personal bests as the track and field's most notable pace setter (rabbit). We discuss his long, successful career which includes 16 US finals and pacing world records like Jakob Ingebrigtsen's 1500m indoor world record of 3:30.6. We also talk about the business of being a pacer, not having a shoe sponsor for the last two years, repping Bell Lap Track & Field, Spotted Cow beer, and much more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 93 - Pat Tiernan Relives the Craziest College Race Ever and Discusses Collapsing at the Tokyo Olympics 

Pat Tiernan is a two-time Olympian from Australia. He ran for Villanova and won the NCAA Cross Country title in 2016. We dive into Pat winning Bix, taking down Edward Cheserek, collapsing from heat exhaustion at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, doing his first beer mile at age 17, leaving Nike (Oregon Track Club) and signing with Puma, his upcoming wedding, Australia vs USA culture, and a whole lot more.

He also provides commentary as we rewatch the most epic race in college running: the 2015 Penn Relays 4 by Mile. Pat was Villanova's 3rd leg in the race, handing off to Jordy Williamsz to square off against Edward Cheserek of Oregon. Watch the race here

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 86 - Nev Schulman (Catfish TV Show Host) takes us behind the scenes of Catfish and his path to becoming a 2:58 marathoner

Nev shares behind the scenes stories from filming the Catfish TV show, breaking 3 in the marathon, future running and career goals, and gives a sneak peak into a show idea he is pondering.

After hyping up the crowd in the Celebrity Mile at the Trials of Miles x Citius Mag NYC Qualifier, we knew we had to get Nev on the pod. Nev is a 2:58 marathoner, host of the TV show Catfish, author, runner-up on Dancing With the Stars, father of 3, and a user of the Lawnmower 4.0 from MANSCAPED ;)

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 85 - Cade Flatt (1:46 800m in High School) on becoming the BEST EVER and signing with Ole Miss + We breakdown the NYC Qualifier Beer Mile and Celebrity Mile with Nev, Xander, JPJ, Joe Greer and more

Cade Flatt joins us to discuss just missing the 800m high school record of 1:46.45 at the NYC Qualifier, how he trains, his mentality, why he's going to Ole Miss, whether he has received any pro offers, and potentially racing the US trials to make the Eugene World Champs team.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 82 - Comedian Dan LaMorte: From 354 Pounds to 170 Pound Ultra Marathon Runner — Fueled by Mary Jane

In just 3 years, Dan LaMorte went from 354 pounds to 170 pounds, all thanks to ultra running and marijuana. After a career-ending elbow injury that stopped his baseball pitching aspirations dead in their tracks, Dan began doing stand-up comedy in New York City. As he gained stardom among the NYC comedy crowd, he also gained over 150 pounds. After learning he had fatty liver disease, Dan found his athletic drive again. This time, he found passion and solace in distance running.

Dan didn't mess around. His first race ever was 40 miles, and he has only stepped up the distance from there. He is still on the rise as a stand-up comedian and he describes himself as a comic first. During our discussion, Dan dives into all aspects of his journey, including the grind of 'making it' as a comic in NYC, getting into ultra running, his use of marijuana in training, a documentary getting made about him, his future goals, and more..

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 81 - Mick Iacofano (2:09 Marathoner) on Leading the Boston Marathon and Racing for the Podium While Rocking Space Buns

Mick Iacofano (2:09 Marathon PB) breaks down the 2022 Boston Marathon race and talks about his decision to go for the podium in the lead pack (alongside Americans CJ Albertson and Elkanah Kibet) versus settling back with the rest of the Americans. We talk about Mick rocking space buns, mind games during a marathon, running D1 at Kentucky, his rise to being one of the top American marathoners with a 2:09 PB, his tattoos, his training setup in Boise (soon moving to Boulder), and a whole lot more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 79 - Are we signing The Athlete Special and Allie Ostrander? — Also, Spencer proposes to Allie ;)

Allie Ostrander and Spencer Brown (aka The Athlete Special) are back on the Beer Mile Podcast to catch us up on everything happening in their lives. We ask them how running is going now that they are no longer on the Brooks Beasts and dive into their upcoming season goals and racing schedule. We also discuss the possibility of Beer Mile Media becoming their sponsor and try to get Spencer to propose to Allie on the show. Perhaps the best part of the show is playing "How many beers?" with gender swap photos of Allie and Spencer.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 78 - CJ Albertson Runs a Solo 2:10 Marathon Ahead of the 2022 Boston Marathon & Talks Racing Strategy

CJ Albertson joins us a week before the 2022 Boston Marathon to discuss his training leading into the race and his racing strategy — TL;DR CJ is filthy fit at the moment. CJ addresses the haters questioning his decision to run a solo 2:10 marathon 3 weeks out from Boston at the Modesto Marathon. We also break down his training philosophy, the supplements he takes, his recovery routine, how he coaches himself, balancing training, teaching, and coaching as a new father, and we get your listener questions answered.


Swedish beer miler and orienteer, Emil Granqvist, does the Impossible Chug live and explains how it's done. English folklore has it that the Impossible Chug, which it turns out is in fact not impossible, has been a beer chugging trick performed in pubs by chuggernauts for millennia.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 77 - Swedish Beer Miler and Orienteering Champ Chugs Live on the Beer Mile Podcast! Guest: Emil Granqvist

Emil Granqvist is a Swedish (now living in Norway) orienteer, beer miler, cross country skier, and absolute chuggernaut. Emil gives us an education about the sport of orienteering, talks about his training, how he got into the beer mile, and chugs for us live on the podcast. Emil went viral a couple years ago for doing The Impossible Chug. He got featured on @DrunkPeopleDoingThings and @NoChaser and racked up millions of views. In this episode, he details the steps to doing the Impossible Chug and gives the backstory of why he started doing it. Other tangents include the chunder mile, TikTok penis jokes, anti-doping stories, and a tour of the banana room at his crib.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 76 - Olympian Heather MacLean on Her Comeback from Surgery to Place 7th at Worlds + Dunkin' Sponsorship

We're manifesting a Dunkin sponsorship on this one. Heather MacLean joins the show to reflect on the 2022 World Indoor Track World Champs in Belgrade, her comeback from surgery, making her first Olympic team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, why she deserves a Dunkin Donuts sponsorship, her affinity toward crystals, and a whole lot more. If you know a Dunkin exec, spread the word so we can land Heather this Dunkin sponsorship she so badly deserves.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 72 - What It Takes To Become a PRO RUNNER with Kasey Knevelbaard

Kasey Knevelbaard joins us to discuss his transition from D1 running to signing with Under Armour and moving to Flagstaff to train with the Dark Sky Distance team. We dive into his time running at Southern Utah University and Florida State University, his potential in the beer mile, and share stories on a number of other topics including Cam Levins's training, representing Beer Mile Nation by winning the UA All Out Mile, getting COVID 3 times, background in cycling, Cole and Cooper's American Record attempt in the indoor mile, WesFly, keeping the pro running dream alive after graduating from college, and a whole lot more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 71 - Starting Beef with Isaiah Harris & Waleed Suliman of the Brooks Beasts

We're joined by new Brooks Beasts teammates Isaiah Harris and Waleed Suliman for some good ole fashioned sh*t talk. We talk about their upcoming races against the Union Athletics Club team, team dynamic, beefin' with Josh Kerr and On Athletics Club, WesFly, and more. We also got some great inside stories leaked to us by their former teammates and friends that make for some great banter.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 69 - Charlie Hunter on Joining Union Athletics Club, Training with Donavan Brazier and Craig Engels

Charlie Hunter talks about his decision to sign with Nike and join Pete Julian's Union Athletics Club to train alongside Donavan Brazier and Craig Engels. We also dive into his introduction to running in Australia, racing the Tokyo Olympics 800m, training with Cooper Teare and Cole Hocker at the University of Oregon, almost breaking the Australian 800m national record, his love for cereal, witnessing Jakob Ingebrigtsen's strange warmup routine, and a whole lot more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 68 - Clayton Murphy Talks Tokyo Olympics, How He Trains, Starting His YouTube Channel, Beef with Centro?

Clayton Murphy is the 2021 US National Champ at 800m, Bronze Medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics, two-time Olympian, and just plain fast. He's run 1:42 for 800m and 3:51 for the mile. We chat about his performances and experience at the 2016 Rio Olympics and 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We also dive into his 2022 season and banter on a number of topics, including wine, board games, his YouTube channel, being married to another Olympian (Ariana Washington), college and Labadie stories, and more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 67 - Holly Archer — The Next Big UK 1500m Talent — on US vs UK Cultural Norms & Her Running Journey

Holly Archer signed with Under Amour in the fall of 2021 after a breakout year. She won Silver at the 2021 European Indoor Championships 1500m and now holds a 4:07 1500m personal best. Her story to becoming a pro runner is extremely unique and inspirational to those who keep training and chasing the dream after college. She spent several years running at the club level after graduating from Southern Methodist University while starting her career. In 2021, she bet on herself and came to the US for altitude training which led to some big personal bests and the Silver at the European Champs. We're betting on Holly as the next big UK talent. Aside from diving into her running, we banter plenty about US vs UK cultural norms, college partying, and her ex Marc Scott.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 66 - Partying with Usain Bolt, Choosing Track Over Football, Stepping Up To 400m Hurdles?

Devon Allen is a US champion and two-time Olympian in the 110m hurdles (5th in Rio 2016, 4th in Tokyo 2020) with his sights set on Gold in Paris 2024. Not only is Devon world-class in track & field, he was also a leading football wide receiver during his time at University of Oregon. We ask Devon about balancing football and track while at UO and why he ultimately went pro in track over football. We also get into party stories from his time in college and at the Olympics, such as his epic beer pong game at Rio 2016, partying with Usain Bolt, and whether football players or distance runners go the hardest.

Devon is down to give the beer mile a go, so you better believe we are gonna hold him to that and get something organized in 2022. We might also have to hop on Halo and show him and Matt Centrowitz what's up. Follow @DevonAllen13 on the Insta and listen to Beer Mile Podcast Ep66 on all podcast platforms.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 65 - Sh*t Talk with WesFly: The Most Savage Podcast We've Ever Done

It's reckoning day. Time to settle the Beer Mile beef between Everett Smulders of WesFly and Chris Robertson. Michael Coccia and Jason Thomas are also in the house, and everyone has a bone to pick in this episode.

Head over to Patreon to see the uncut/uncensored version of this pod (had to cut some offensive things) and to see the chug off between Everett and Chris:

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 64 - What It's Like to Run 95 Marathons in 95 Days *World Record* with Alyssa Clark

Alyssa Clark is an ultra runner that has already made a big name for herself early in her career. She set a new world record during lockdown in 2020 by completing 95 marathons in 95 days, breaking the previous record of 60 days. Just a couple of weeks ago, Alyssa set a new FKT on the Pinhoti Trail, covering 350 miles with 50,000 feet of elevation gain in just over 5 days. We dive into her ultra running career thus far and her future races, including the possibility of partaking in the Barkley Marathons in 2023.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 63 - Joanne Molinaro: Building The Korean Vegan into a NYT Best Seller and 2.7 Million TikTok Followers + Deep Dive on Crypto and Spirituality

We go behind-the-scenes of The Korean Vegan's rise to fame, learn about Joanne's 2nd book coming in 2023, and get into philosophical debates/discussions about spirituality, crypto, and a whole lot more.

Joanne Molinaro is a New York Times best-selling author and has amassed an insane social media following as @The Korean Vegan (2.7 million TikTok followers in her first year on the platform). Her first book, The Korean Vegan Cookbook, launched on October 12, 2021 and immediately rose to the top of the charts to become a NYT best seller.

Check out The Korean Vegan Cookbook here

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 62 - BEN TRUE: The "Blue Collar Runner" on NYC Marathon 2021, Anti-Doping, and Future Marathon Plans

Ben True joins us to reflect on his marathon debut at the NYC Marathon (2:12, 7th overall), his 4th place finish at the US Olympic Trials 10k, and his future racing plans. We also dive into just about every aspect of his career and life, including his decision to go to Dartmouth, choosing to train solo for several years, eventually paying Dan Curts $20,000 to train with him, making ends meet when Saucony didn't renew his contract, his upbringing in XC skiing, becoming a father, eating 6 bagels before races, his love for coffee, his views on anti-doping, and a whole lot more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 60 - David Kilgore: Running 340 Miles Solo Through the Desert at The Speed Project

David Kilgore is both a professional ultra runner for On Running as well as the Global Sports Marketing Head for On's Ultra/Trail/Mountain marketing. We dive into his solo 300+ mile run at The Speed Project this past May plus all of his other crazy running accomplishments. He also announces his next major challenge for 2022, and let's just say he is continuing to up the ante. Other topics include running D1, living out of his car in Moab after graduating college, the Lost Boys, Pit Viper, eating junk food, beer miles, and more.

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Beer Mile Podcast Episode 58 - Becoming the Women's Beer Mile World Record Holder with Allison Grace Morgan

Fresh off her 3-peat as Beer Mile World Champion, we have the women's Beer Mile World Record Holder (6:16) herself on the pod. Allison Grace Morgan joins us to reflect on the 2021 Beer Mile World Classic and dive into her running career sans beer. Allie has run 1:13 for half-marathon, 32:46 for 10k, and 15:47 for 5k. Get some beer mile tips from the pro in this one!

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 57 - Corey Bellemore After Running 4:28 Beer Mile World Record

Fresh off setting a new 4:28 Beer Mile World Record, Corey Bellemore joins the podcast to reflect on the world record, recap the 2021 Beer Mile World Classic, and talk all things beer mile and running. After 57 episodes, we finally have the beer mile world record holder himself on the Beer Mile Podcast. The wait was definitely worth it ¯\_( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)_/¯

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 56 - Sh*t Talk with New Generation Track and Field: Ben Crawford, Carter Christman, and Joe Hale

We sat down with Ben Crawford, Carter Christman, and Joe Hale while they were in town for the Chicago Marathon for this hilarious episode packed with stories that will get you ROFLMAO. We dive into the work they are doing at New Generation Track and Field, including their camp, magazine, meetups, covering meets, and more. Other topics include the Dew Mile, photography, medical marijuana, JUUL, party stories, getting in trouble in high school, LetsRun message boards, Tinman, WesFly, NIRCA, running nonsense, and another hundred tangents.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 55 - Athletic Brewing Founder Bill Shufelt on the Company's Origin, Owning the NA Beer Market, and the Inaugural NA Beer Mile

Bill Shufelt, CEO and Founder of Athletic Brewing, joins the show to talk about the company's origin, the inspiration for brewing NA beer, aspirations for the future, and the first ever NA Beer Mile happening on October 17, 2021. We also dive into some of his side interests, such as endurance sports, space, Bitcoin, stonks, and other philosophical debates.

Free Shipping on Athletic Brewing Beer:

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 54 - Creating Customs for Clayton Murphy, Tinman Elite & WesFly with Greg Itahara

Greg Itahara has designed custom singlets and shoes for the likes of Clayton Murphy, Jordan Gusman, WesFly, The Harrier, Lost Boys Track Club, and the Beer Mile boys. He walks us through his design and print process, sources of inspiration, the work he's done for pro runners and brands like Nike, and his future aspirations. Plus, he shows off a lot of the customs he's currently working on.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 53 - Emily Durgin: Ridin' Dirty with Dirty Durgs

We're back in the studio filming the Beer Mile Podcast! Em "Dirty Durgs" Durgin joins the boyz to talk Vegas, gambling, golf, real estate, Mila Kunis, and Maine. Don't worry, we also talk some running for the running nerds out there, including her switch from Under Armour to Adidas and her stellar summer of racing. Emily placed 9th at the US Olympic Trials in the 10,000m. She followed that up with a phenomenal summer road racing circuit, stacking up podium finishes at 4 US road champs. She's currently training in Flagstaff with big goals in the coming few years.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 49 - Beers & Banter with WILL LEER

We sit down with Will Leer in Crested Butte, Colorado for some beers and banter. Will is a professional runner for Under Armour and filled with hilarious and insightful stories. He went pro out of college as a D3 athlete and has run professionally for 15 years now for Nike, Brooks, and now UA. Topics include brewing beer, kombucha, running D3 and professionally, and countless stories about his favorite races, post-race parties, and sharing beers with fellow athletes.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 48 - Aisha Praught-Leer — 2-Time Olympian on Her Recovery from Knee Surgery

We sit down with Aisha Praught-Leer in Crested Butte about a week after her knee surgery to see how her recovery is going and hear about her experience at the Tokyo Olympics.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 46 - Hitting the Trails with JUSTIN GRUNEWALD

Justin Grunewald is a pro trail runner for Altra and Rabbit, an ER Physician, a father, and the Chair of Brave Like Gabe. This conversation has it all. On the running side, we discuss how Justin got into mountain running, crushing FKTs, his upcoming race UTMB CCC 100km, and how he (and his partner Amanda Basham) balances training in the mountains in Colorado with fatherhood and being a doctor in Minnesota. He also predicts Chris's time for the upcoming Pikes Peak Marathon.

Justin gives the backstory on how his wife, Gabriele Grunewald, and friends started the Brave Like Gabe foundation and how meeting Chip Gaines in Central Park accelerated the foundation's work with some massive donations. Chip Gaines also pimped out a van for Justin. We close it out with a good 'ole beer discussion.

Justin is a beer expert and has hopes of opening his brewery. He reviews the beer of the week with Chris and gives the deets on what his dream brewery looks like.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 43 - Gabbi Jennings Joins Team BOSS and Signs with ADIDAS

Gabbi Jennings is making moves! Gabbi gives the deets on signing with Adidas and joining Team BOSS, taking you behind the scenes of how it all unfolded.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 41 - Olympian Woody Kincaid Is Ready to Bring Home an Olympic Medal

Woody Kincaid reflects on the 2021 US Olympics Trials, where he won the national title in the 10000m and placed third in the 5000m to punch his ticket to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in both events. Woody dives into his training, his career, and goals for the Tokyo Olympics. We also touch on Paul Chelimo, the Shelby Houlihan case, and which Bowerman Track Club men and women would be best at the beer mile.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 38 - Jake Riley Discusses his Training and Race Strategy for the Tokyo Olympics Marathon

Jake Riley talks about his training and race strategy for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Marathon on August 8, 2021.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 36 - URGENT: Mandy Perkins collecting all resumes to work at NIKE + Roast of Chris

A banger episode combining the career tips you didn't know you needed with a roast of Chris. Mandy Perkins gives us the deets on getting a job at Nike (hint: it's all about the padfolio and weight of the paper you print your resume on) and we talk all things track, college life, running D1, starting a career, and a whole lot more. So sit back, spruce up that resume, and make sure your subject line includes all caps: URGENT - PLZ READ

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 35 - Bryce Hoppel — Olympic Gold Medal Contender

Bryce Hoppel talks about his prep for the 2021 Olympics, transition from college to pro running, taking on Donavan Brazier, nightlife in Kansas, the beer mile, and more. Bryce dominated his junior year at Kansas University (2019), winning more than 20 races in a row and placing 4th at the 2019 Doha World Champs. He signed with Adidas and has continued proving he is among the top in the world as a pro, now holding a 1:43 800m personal best and setting the American record in the Indoor 1000m with a time of 2:16.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 34 - Gambling with the Gregsons: Genevieve and Ryan are ALL IN on Puma

Genevieve (Lacaze) and Ryan Gregson join us to talk all things Australia vs. USA, betting on sports, prepping for the Olympics, and explaining their decision to switch from Nike to Puma. Gen and Ryan also discuss the current state of athletics (track & field) in Australia and how that impacted their decision to sign with Puma. As if entertaining guests weren't enough, Chris and Adam bring the accents and lingo from Down Under.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 33 - Adelle Tracey and Ben Coldray: Our Cup of Tea

This week we have our first guests from England, Adelle Tracey and Ben Coldray. Adelle has represented Great Britain at World Championships in the 800m, with a personal best of 1:59. She is also a hair, makeup, and prosthetic artist on film sets. Ben is an elite runner himself, with personal bests of 1:49 for 800m and 4:03 for the mile, and now an entrepreneur with his company Athlete Mannies. Ben has also competed at several Beer Mile World Championships representing England.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 32 - Sage Hurta: NCAA Champ Ready for the Big Leagues

Sage has been on a tear, winning the NCAA Indoor 1 Mile title in March in 4:30 and recently setting a PB of 4:08 for 1500m at the USATF Grand Prix. We discuss which professional groups she's eyeing, balancing academics with training (she has a 3.97 GPA in Engineering), and the best places to run and eat in Boulder. It also wouldn't be a Beer Mile Podcast without getting into a littler banter about her boyfriend Joe Klecker and her two dogs.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 31 - The Natosha Rogers Comeback Story + Roast of Adam

Natosha Rogers details the ups and downs of her running career, including stepping away from the sport entirely to enter the working world while battling knee pain after surgery. Get to know her inspirational story of grit and determination in the action-packed episode. It's also reckoning day for Adam and he gets roasted hardcore. Natosha's accolades (so far): NCAA champ (2012) while at Texas A&M; 2nd in the 10,000m at the 2012 Olympic Trials; USA Cross Country National Champ (2019); 10,000m personal best of 31:12 (2020)

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 29 - Growing Track & Field with Free Streaming + Kansas City Qualifier Preview

Chris Chavez (CITIUS Mag), Cooper Knowlton and Dave Alfano (Trials of Miles) join the show to preview the Kansas City Qualifier meet on May 1 and discuss their approach to producing track meets to grow the sport. This is a follow-up (Part 2) to our previous episode with Jesse Williams of Sound Running taking listeners behind the scenes of track and field and digging into the business, economics, and future of the sport.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 28 - Fixing Track with Jesse Williams of Sound Running

Jesse Williams of Sound Running (formerly Head of Sports Marketing at Brooks) joins the show to take listeners behind the scenes of Track & Field and ideate on how to improve the sport. The guys discuss forming a track league, the economics of putting on track meets, getting money into athletes' hands, and making track more like UFC.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 27 - Ari Klau Is ALL IN on Training for Triathlon

Ari Klau sidelines his career as a software engineer to go all in on training and bet on himself as a triathlete, runner, and content creator. Ari is as real as they come and is the definition of betting on yourself and following your dreams.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 25 - Cole Hocker & Cooper Teare After Dominating NCAA Indoor Track Nationals

Cooper Teare and Cole Hocker join the pod after sweeping the DMR, 1 mile, and 3000m races at NCAA Indoor Track Nationals. The Oregon men also took home the team national title. Cole and Cooper break down their breakout indoor season, where they both ran 3:50 for the mile. The boys also discuss going pro, the Olympic trials, running YouTube, the chalice, the beer mile, and a whole lot more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 24 - Horrible Bosses 3: The Beer Mile Extended Cut

We interview Baylee Mires and Shayla Houlihan to see if they have what it takes to join the Beer Mile Media team as coaches. Little do they know they are dealing with the most horrible bosses in the game.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 22 - Justyn Knight and Cory McGee Cameo

Justyn Knight a.k.a Canada's Sweetheart joins the podcast hot off his W at the Texas Qualifier Men's 1500m. Cory McGee also makes a cameo appearance to urge Joe Bosshard to try out the beer mile.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 21 - Texas Qualifier Recap & Interviews + CALLING OUT WesFly and Sinclaire Johnson

The boys recap the Texas Qualifier meet and give you post-race interviews with Justyn Knight, Elle Purrier, Sinclaire Johnson, Isaiah Harris, and Konstanze Klosterhalfen. They also have some beef with WesFly Athletics CEO Everett Smulders and Sinclaire Johnson.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 20 - Clean Sport Collective: Doping, SuperShoes, Alberto Salazar, Bashing Tom Brady

Kara Goucher, Shanna Burnette, and Chris McClung of Clean Sport Collective join the podcast to talk all things doping, supershoes, drug testing process, Alberto Salazar, and more. They also go behind the scenes of Clean Sport Collective as an organization and their goals around telling the stories of clean athletes through their Clean Sport Collective podcast. Take the pledge on and tag @the_beer_mile and @cleansportco on Instagram. Adam and Chris also announce they're sponsoring the Men's 1500m at the Trials of Miles Texas Qualifier on February 27 and continue #ShootYourShot with Jakob Ingebrigtsen and Tom Brady.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 19 - Vanessa Fraser and Sinclaire Johnson of the Bowerman Track Club

Get to know Sinclaire Johnson and Vanessa Fraser of the Bowerman Track Club. The squad discusses clubbing, pro running, Bowerman Track Club, and they place some high stakes on a game of Flip Cup. The boys also get some conversation topics from Sinclaire's mom and have a few spicy questions up their sleeves.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 18 - Emma Abrahamson: Dating Life & Starting Crazed Foods Energy Bars

The boys play #TruthOrDrink with Emma Abrahamson to get the deets on everything she's got going on in her life. She discusses the excitement and challenges that have come with starting her own energy bar company, her dating life, running/triathlon training, and a whole lot more. Chris and Adam make sure to dig up a little spice to keep the questions exciting.

Check out Emma's energy bars 

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 17 - #FastBraidFriday with Colleen Quigley and Pie

The Beer Mile boys join Colleen Quigley and her dog, Pie, in Flagstaff during her altitude training camp. They come bearing gifts for both Pie and Colleen, and Adam shows off his braiding skills in this edition of #FastBraidFriday. They also discuss how training is going for Colleen, her modeling career, her running goals for the next few years, and a whole lot more.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 16 - "BEEF" between Craig Engels, Josh Thompson, Centro, Jenkins, Kerr + Giveaways

Chris and Adam break down the "Beef" between Craig Engels and Josh Thompson resulting from the last 2 episodes of the Beer Mile Podcast (Ep14 and Ep15 - Backyard Beers with Craig Engels and Eric Jenkins). Somehow Centro, Jenkins, Donavan Brazier, and Josh Kerr all got pulled into the "Beef" as well.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 15 - Backyard Beers with Craig Engels and Eric Jenkins Part 2

Part 2 of Backyard Beers with Craig Engels and Eric Jenkins steps it up a notch as the night wears on and the beers are flowing. Ass tats are revealed and Chris and Adam drop even spicier deets they got from Craig's and Eric's family, friends, former teammates, girlfriends, and exes.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 14 - Backyard Beers with Craig Engels and Eric Jenkins Part 1

Craig Engels and Eric Jenkins join Chris and Adam for some beers and banter in the backyard. The boys were having so much fun, they recorded for over 2 hours and the Backyard Beers series was born. Chris and Adam did their homework by sliding into the DMs of Eric/Craig's friends, family, and ex-girlfriends to pull out some topics never discussed before.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 13 - Ryan Hill on leaving Nike BTC for Hoka NAZ Elite

Ryan Hill talks about his time with the Bowerman Track Club and his decision to leave Nike for Hoka Northern Arizona Elite under Coach Ben Rosario. Ryan discusses his move to Flagstaff, his career thus far, and his goals for 2021 and beyond. And, of course, we ask Ryan about the beer mile, whether he's done one, and which pro runner he think would be best at the event.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 12 - Chris Chavez of Citius Mag: Behind the Scenes of Pro Running

Chris Chavez gives his backstory on becoming one of the most notable pro running reporters in the game. He dives into his time at Flotrack, writing for Sports Illustrated, and the Citius Mag origin story. Chris also has a lot of fun stories from the races he's covered, including interviewing Usain Bolt, the Olympics, and post-race parties. And, of course, it wouldn't be a Beer Mile Podcast episode without bringing in the beer mile and planning logistics for a beer milers vs pro runners showdown in 2021.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 11 - Total Running Productions: Behind the Scenes and 2021 Predictions

Andy and Eunice of Total Running Productions take Adam and Chris behind the scenes of one of the most popular running YouTube channels in the world. They discuss their engagement, the Total Running Productions origin story, the beer mile, and they give their 2021 predictions for track and the Olympics. As always, lively debates are plentiful in this episode, especially during The Last Gulp closing questions where Adam and Chris learn how to properly drink tequila from tequila royalty herself.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 9 - Allie Ostrander and The Athlete Special of the Brooks Beasts + Flip Cup

Chris and Adam take on Allie Ostrander and The Athlete Special (Spencer Brown) of the Brooks Beasts in Flip Cup. The stakes are high for this epic showdown.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 8 - Ciaran O'Lionaird's Olympic Comeback, Not Dead Yet Tour, Burning Man, DJing, Beer Mile, and More

Ciaran O'Lionaird joins Chris and Adam for an interview + 30 minute DJ set at the end of the episode. Ciaran O'Lionaird is a 3:34 1500m man from Cork, Ireland. He represented Ireland at the 2011 World Championships, the 2012 Olympics, and took bronze in the 2013 European Champs 3000m. However, a string of injuries led him to retire from pro running and focus on his career working at Nike, hardly running at all for several years.

But Ciaran is a competitor and he is making a comeback to training in 2020 in what he is calling the NOT DEAD YET TOUR. We're rooting for Ciaran's continued health and success building toward the 2021 Olympics for redemption on his 2012 Olympic appearance. Ciaran's also has great stories to tell from his life outside running, including his time at Burning Man and DJing.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 7 - Karissa Schweizer's Running Journey, Kodiak Cakes, Bowerman Track Club Beer Mile

Karissa Schweizer joins the Beer Mile Podcast to discuss her running journey, how she ended up at the Bowerman Track Club, diet/cooking, goals for the 2021 season, and her Kodiak Cakes sponsorship. We also learn more about some of her teammates and tee up the possibility of a Bowerman Track Club beer mile after the 2021 Olympics. Karissa holds the American Indoor Record for 3000m in a time of 8'25 and personal bests of 14'26 for 5000m and 4'00 for 1500m.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 6 - Stephanie Brown: Unsponsored Pro Running, Beer Mile, Body Image, Big Bear Track Club Drama

Stephanie Brown joins the Beer Mile Podcast to discuss professional running (both sponsored and unsponsored), coming back from injury, diet, body image, and her goals for 2021. Chris and Adam also get the deets on a potential Beer Mile World Record attempt and the drama at Big Bear Track Club. Stephanie runs professionally and has personal bests of 4'06 for 1500m and 2'01 for 800m.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 5 - Lewis Kent on Beer Mile Fame, Brooks Deal, Beer Mile Shoes, Ellen Show

Lewis "Hollywood" Kent brought the beer mile to the mainstream in 2015. He went from being a normal college kid in the spring to being the first professional beer miler in the fall. He became the face of the beer mile worldwide after breaking the world record, winning 2 world titles, signing a deal with Brooks and National Beer Mile, and appearing on Ellen and other media outlets throughout the world. Brooks even made him a custom pair of beer mile racing flats, which he showcases in this episode.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 4 - Nick Symmonds Discusses the Beer Mile, Entrepreneurship, PR Stunts, Growing a Brand, Selling Run Gum, and More.

In episode of the Beer Mile Podcast, hosts Chris and Adam sit down with Nick Symmonds, 2-time Olympian and CEO of Run Gum. They talk all things beer mile, pro running, entrepreneurship, building a brand, crazy challenges, fitness goals, and more. Nick gives insights into all aspects of his life getting to where he is today and shares his goals for 2021 and beyond.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 3 - Beer Mile Rule Variations, Chasing World Records

In this episode of the Beer Mile Podcast, Chris and Adam discuss the popular beer mile rule variations and debate which are the softest records to take down. Adam samples a few of the events digestively as they go. They also talk through Chris's beer mile world record attempt and which world records they will be chasing in the coming months.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 2 - Virtual Races Are Dumb, Beer Mile World Champs 2020, Wipe Your Butt Properly

In this episode of the Beer Mile Podcast, Chris and Adam enlighten the audience with their hot takes on virtual races and they commentate the Beer Mile World Classic 2020. They also discuss the proper way to wipe your butt. You won't want to miss this crucial life information.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 1 - Chugging 4 Beers for MS Society Charity, Beer 2-Mile World Record

In this episode of the Beer Mile Podcast, Chris and Adam let you share in their misery as they chug 4 beers as fast as they can as part of the Chug4Good charity fundraiser for the MS Society coordinated by beer milers around the world. They also watch and react to Jim Finlayson's Beer 2-Mile World Record video. Note, this episode was recorded a week before Chris broke Jim's world record.

Beer Mile Podcast Episode 0 - If Flotrack and LetsRun Drank More Beer

In this introductory episode of the Beer Mile Podcast, Chris and Adam give context for the podcast's creation and set the stage for what's to come. It's like Flotrack, LetsRun, or CitiusMag but with more beer and tomfoolery. The running world could use a little more spice and flare. Chris and Adam are willing to take one for the team and fill that void for you, even if that means calling out Centro and El Guerrouj.

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