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The beer mile is so special that it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend by outsiders who have never witnessed one. What better way to explain the beer mile than with memes. That's something we can understand.

This just about sums up the beer mile.

Beer mile explanation meme


The beer mile must be run with beer that is 5% or greater alcohol content. Plus, it just tastes better.

Beer mile light beer Napoleon Dynamite meme


We all know one of these beer mile imposters. Friends don't let friends do a beer mile with only 3 beers.

Beer mile with 3 beers instead of 4 meme


When Mr. Steal Yo Girl steps up and out-chugs the entire field.

Beer mile fastest chug splits meme


Weird flex, but ok. Puke before the finish and you must run an additional, penalty lap.

I ran the beer mile and only puked once beer mile meme


And yes, there will be many reversals of fortune.

There will puke beer mile meme


Start 'em young. Guaranteed beer mile world record holder once he graduates to the brewskis.

Chocolate milk mile world record meme


How will your child be the next beer mile world record holder if you don't expose them young?

Running with a baby jogger beer mile meme


The beer mile usually leads to even more tomfoolery at the nearby pub.

one does not simply run a beer mile and stop drinking afterwards


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