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16 Best Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers 2019

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16 Best Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers 2019

The tastiest beer-related gifts for any beer lover—or should we say, beer snob

We know the situation all too well. You're struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea for your husband, wife, brother, father, twice-removed cousin, neighbor's dog, you name it. So what do you do? Turn to the Googlez, probably.

Lucky for you, you stumbled upon this article. You don't have to be a beer lover yourself to gift the perfect gadget for the brewski-obsessed person in your life. We've got you covered! You will be the real MVP when you show up with one of these beer gifts for the beer fiend in your life. Or, you can just gift yourself one of these beauties.Treat yo'self!

1. Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Holder

Functional and sneaky. Keep your beer cold and discreet with this insulated stainless steel beer bottle holder. It looks like a water bottle, but houses any 12oz bottle to keep it cold and hidden. The bottle is perfect for hiking, tailgating, grilling, camping, beach time, or for being discreet walking around in public. We don't judge.

Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Holder with Bottle Opener

2. The 6 Pack Beer Belt

Not sure if this is better suited for a frat boy or a Halloween costume, but either way you will never lose your beers again with this uber handy 6 Pack Beer Belt. Easily carry beers to a party, a night out on the town, or to your next beer mile. Instead of a holster that holds a loaded weapon, it’s a holster that will keep you loaded. Comes in any color you want as long as it’s black.

6 Pack Beer Belt

3. Beer Bottle Cap Maps

Combining art and memories. The beer cap maps are trophy cases for craft beer lovers to collect bottle cap memorabilia of all the rare and unique beers of the world. There are maps of the USA, as well as maps of each of the 50 states.

 USA Beer Bottle Cap Map

USA Beer Bottle Cap Map United States

 All 50 States Beer Bottle Cap Maps

California Beer Bottle Cap Map

4. Beer Making Kit

No beer tastes better than the one you hand-made with your blood, sweat, and tears. Turn the craft beer lover into the beer brewing hobbyist with this easy-to-use, starter beer making kit.

 Beer Making Kit to Brew Your Own Beer

5. Beer Shirts

You can never go wrong with a beer shirt, especially when they are so comfortable you won't want to wear anything else. You are sure to find your new favorite shirt in this beer shirt collection.

6. Insulated Growler

When you're packing for a party, or swinging by your local micro brewery for a refill, bring this half-gallon (64oz) Growler along for the fun. It boasts a vacuum-insulated body, foam insulated lid, and keeps beer cold up to 24 hours after filling. 

Insulated Beer Growler

7. Floating Beer Pong Table Pool Raft

The Pool Pong Party Barge is the first and only floating beer pong table to include a built-in cooler so ice-cold drinks are always within reach. The Party Barge can also be used as a floating tanning lounge if you're ever able to get it all to yourself. 

Floating Beer Pong Table Raft

8. Magnetic Beer Bottle Hanger

The BottleLoft is the world's first and patented bottle hanging device to free up space and make your refrigerator cooler! Simply peel, stick, and place the magnetic strips on your refrigerator ceiling.  

Magnetic Beer Bottle Hanger

9. Novelty Beer Socks

Demand your friends and family cater to your every wish. All you have to do is sit on the couch with these socks on, prop up your feet, and the beers will continue to get delivered to your hand. It's that simple.

If you can read this beer me novelty socks

10. Beer Backpack and Beer Bag

You can't go wrong with these mouth-watering bags. Don't be that guy that shows up to the party with brews in a 'normal' backpack or a plastic shopping bag. Your beers, gym clothes, and textbooks deserve a better ride than whatever joke for a bag you are using currently.

Beer Backpack

Beer Drawstring Bag

11. Beer Tasting Flight Sampler Set

Whether you are hosting a beer tasting party or having a competition to see which beer is voted superior, this beer flight sampler set is a must-have. It comes with the board, glasses, and chalk so you can mark which beer is which and tally the winners.

Beer Tasting Flight Sampler Set

12. Craft Beer Jelly

Have you tried craft beer jelly? Did you even know it was a thing? This is definitely one of the more unique items on this list and worthy of trying out for those who are foodies on top of being beer snobs.

Craft Beer Jelly - IPA, Porter, Apricot Ale, Oatmeal Stout


13. Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People Book

It’s closing time at the brewery. While the moon rises, the brewery crew—including three little otters (in charge of the water), a wort hog, and a hops wildebeest—introduce us to the brewing equipment, ingredients, and styles of beer. Join this fanciful crew as they close down for the evening and say goodnight to the brew kettle, barley and yeast, hops and mash, saison, porter, IPA, and much more.

Befuddled about beer ingredients? Puzzled about the brew process? Can’t remember the difference between an ale and a lager? Don’t miss the brew infographics that follow the story!

Goodnight Brew - A Parody for Beer People

14. Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

If you are feeling extra generous and this gift is for someone extra special, then go big and give this beer lover what they truly want—a full size kegerator to enjoy keg beer at home. Ideal for seasoned beer enthusiasts looking for a reliable kegerator before spending a fortune on a commercial unit, or people who are just starting out.

Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

15. Under the Influence Drinking Game

If you are into finding out way too much about your friends and getting drunk in the process, then you may fancy this party game. Beware this is not for the scared or the faint of heart.

Under the Influence Drinking Game for Adult Parties

16. What do you Meme? Drinking Game

Think you've got what it takes to out-meme your friends IRL? Compete to create the funniest meme by pairing Caption Cards with the Photo Card in play. A rotating judge picks the best combination each round. Play until you're hungry, at which point stop playing and order a pizza.

What do you Meme? Drinking Game


Have other top-notch beer gift ideas? Leave a comment below to help out fellow beer snobs.

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